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Experience unforgettable sights and undiscovered corners, there’s just so much to see and explore. Choose from one of our guided tours or opt for a private group tour.


NOT YOUR average food tour

NOT YOUR AVERage food tour


Foodelicious Tours is not just your normal tour company that is trying to capitalize on the market. We go way deeper than that. Here at Foodelicious we believe food and drinks are an art. Food is family, friends both new and old, happiness and fun. We understand tasting an extraordinary dish or drinking a great beer can bring a smile to your face. Food is not survival, sharing food is part of human history. 


San Diego is filled with unique neighborhoods with a multitude of great restaurants, bars, breweries and distilleries. We believe in supporting local business on every tour, because without local business where is our history.


But most of all we believe in having fun. So join one of our tours or create your own tour and let’s laugh, let’s smile, let’s have a drink and break bread together!  together. 


A Word From The Founder

Stefan Calvaruso

Foodelicious Tours, Walking Tours, Food Tours, Beer Tours, Brewery Tours, Art Tours, San Diego, Stefan Calvaruso

Growing up, food was what united my family. We’d share about each other’s day over a meal, and eventually, a drink. We welcomed strangers into our home with a drink and warm plate. Some holiday parties my dad would greet family and friends with a shot of tequila at the door,  followed by his famous pâté and antipasto.


My love for sharing food and drinks over conversation started before I could eat solid food. Foodelicious Tours is my chance to welcome you to my beloved San Diego, to share the history, delicious food and drinks, and to share my passion with the world.

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